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 Mrs. Eileen Kerr - Art Teacher

  Art room:  29

 To help our students keep up on their creative art skills, here is a site that offers some art making activities.


- color wheel flower


Grading Policy:

Students do not receive letter grades in visual arts. The report card will show if your child has met (M), is progressing (P) or has not met (N) the Ohio Standards in Visual Art. The numbers shown in the grade book do not correlate with a letter grade but are used to generate the M, P or N in each trimester grade. 


  color wheel rose


Here's more to the art than just being beautiful

Students in grades 1st through 5th often complete and attach an "I can tell you..." slip to the back of their artwork before they bring their work home. This slip serves many purposes. It is a review for the students as they read and complete the statements on the slip, it is additional practice of reading and writing in the art room and it serves as an informational source for parents/caregivers about what was learned in the art room while the students were creating the art.


Elements of Art

The Elements of Art are the basic components of art-making. We use one or more of the seven elements (line, shape, color, value, space, form and texture) to create each of our beautiful works of art. Understanding the elements of art and how to use them is important in producing art, so we recognize and discuss the elements involved in each lesson as we create. Knowing the elements and principles of art also help us connect with and appreciate works of art.  

elements of art